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I could not be more excited to announce Elegant Elephant Travel LLC's new partnership with Italy4golf!

Our partnership offers original and unique client vacations, bringing the luxury travel experience of Elegant Elephant Travel LLC to Italy4golf's passion for the sport we all love. Combining the two areas of expertise, along with the great value of a beautiful territory that has so much to offer, our partnership provides for a 360° experience: luxury holidays, sports, culture, and wellness. WOW effect guaranteed!

If you haven't heard of Italy4Golf you need to make sure you go to their

They are a truly wonderful company that, like me, believes in providing the highest level of service and luxury to their clients.

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Not a golfer? No worries, the other experiences our partnership offers are phenomenal. For example, we provide wellness experiences for the body and mind, access to sporting and cultural events, personal shopping excursions, and even test driving a Ferarri™ at the Ferarri™ museum!

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Itineraries - Available Upon Request

A 5-star course between history and golf PDF thumbnail
A golfing holiday between Tuscany and Rome PDF thumbnail
Golf, history, and wild nature PDF thumbnail
See Venice and play golf PDF thumbnail
A golfing week enjoying the beauty of Tuscany PDF thumbnail
Golf, Wine and Wellness on Lake Garda PDF thumbnail

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